Slushy Buff Sugar Scrub

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New Item alert! This slushy- like scrub will leave your skin softer and smoother than you have ever felt it before! Every jar contains loads of granulated sugar and luxurious shea butter to scrub dead skin cells away, leaving behind bright, refreshed skin!  Jars contain MORE product per jar compared to our other scrubs. You will receive nearly 11 ounces of product in a large jar, or 5.5 oz in a small jar. Pick your fave! 

Black Raspberry Vanilla - sweet raspberries, strawberries, coconut lemon, peach and vanilla. A pink and purple scrub topped with a soap raspberry and eco glitter.

Avo Bath - lemongrass, clove, lavender, light musk. A bright orange and yellow scrub topped with eco friendly glitter.

Actually a Slushy - orange, lemon, maraschino cherry, pineapple and  ozone highlights. A blue and red scrub made to look like a real slushy! Topped with eco friendly holographic stars and gold holo glitter. 


How to use - Scoop desired amount of product with dry fingers. Rub on wet skin until sugar dissolves. Not recommended for the face or areas that have open cuts or sores. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Do not use if allergic to any ingredients. Avoid introducing water into the jar, as this may shorten the life of your scrub. 

*** Jars are filled by weight and not volume, so keep this in mind when purchasing. Toppers are for decoration only. ***

Contains - Granulated Sugar, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil, Silica, Polysorbate 80, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Oil, Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Micas/ Cosmetic Colorants, Eco Glitter