The Further Bath Bomb - Arctic Mint

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This creepy bath bomb is perfect for you bath lovers with a dark side! Drop one in your bath and watch it fizz and bubble while you relax. This listing is for one 3 ounce Ouiji Board Planchette shaped bath bomb with a handmade soap eyeball. The color is a deep blue, filled with lots of shimmer. As it dissolves, streaks of deep magenta shoot out the sides. A final brushing with bright gold mica brings out all the intricate detail.

 Scent is called Arctic Mint- it is loaded with the scent of sweet peppermint, cool menthol, exotic fruit, and musk.

Adult supervision recommended. external use only. Unwrap, drop in your bath, and enjoy but be careful when stepping out of the tub as the oils may make your tub slippery. You may need to lightly rinse tub of glitter when you finish your bath. Handling bath bombs while they dissolve may result in your fingers being temporarily stained. 


Do not use if allergic to any ingredient.

Due to the handmade nature of these bath bombs, not all will float due to individual packing techniques. Try not to be disappointed if it doesn’t... but DO enjoy your ultra relaxing, creepy bath!