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Sterling Silver Mermaid Tears Necklace

Regular price $20.50


The Legend of Mermaid Tears is a tragically romantic tale of a love struck mermaid and her incredible sacrifice to save her one true love from peril. 

Please refer to the sizing chart to determine the length necklace you need. This is an approximation of where the necklace will fall (everyone's neck circumference is different). If you are unsure of the length you need, take a piece of string and place around your neck and see where you would like the necklace to fall, then measure the string. Chain will be cut to that specific length.

Item Details

This item is hand crafted and designed using quality materials like sterling silver chain, clasps, and a celestial etched Czech glass bead shaped like a tear drop. Chain is very thin at .6mm but very sturdy. Attaches with a spring ring clasp. Bead is free moving on the chain. Item will come in a gift box with a Key card that tells the Legend of Mermaid Tears.

Caring For your Necklace

Avoid wearing in pool, bathtub, or shower to prevent premature tarnishing. Avoid wearing during strenuous activity to prevent breaking.

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