Insect Shadowbox - Build Your Background

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Now that you've picked your favorite specimen, it's time to build the rest of your shadow box. Choose your background design and foil finish from the drop down menu and we will do the rest! Design fits your 8x8 shadow box and will be printed on a black background. The specimen will be centered to the artwork and shadowbox. If you'd like to change any elements of the ready designs (like removing wording, adding wording, combining design elements) leave us a message at checkout. 

This butterfly has fulfilled its natural life cycle & was not harmed to make this art. The specimens used for our art work are purchased from reputable suppliers who acquire their specimens from butterfly conservation aviaries from all over the globe. When a butterfly's life natural cycle is completed, the aviary staff collects the specimens and offers them for sale. The money made from purchasing their beautiful specimens helps to keep the aviary operational. This in turn saves each region's native butterfly species from becoming endangered or extinct because they are able to properly care for, and maintain these butterflies in their habitat.

How to Care For your Art Piece - Keep out of direct sunlight as this can fade the butterfly over time. Your butterfly art is extremely fragile so use care when handling artwork.