Body Scrub Bar - Oakmoss + Amber

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Completely made from scratch using luxury ingredients, this solid sugar scrub bar leaves behind an intense layer of moisturizing oils and butters. If you aren't a fan of intense moisture, this may not be up your alley. I recommend using after shaving as an in-bath lotion and exfoliant. This product is poured into a clamshell so break off a piece and save the rest for later use. 


Oakmoss + Amber - sensual blend of deep amber and earthy oakmoss with hints of sage, musk, and lavender.


How to use - Break off a cube and wet. Rub on wet skin until sugar dissolves. Use AFTER you've shaved for incredibly soft, touchable skin! Not recommended for the face or areas that have open cuts or sores. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Do not use if allergic to any ingredients. Avoid introducing water into the product, as this may shorten the life of your scrub. 

*** These may melt in high temps so please monitor your package delivery date to avoid this. If this should happen, place in fridge until firm again. ***

Contains - Cocoa Butter, Coconut Wax, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Granulated Sugar, Turbinado Sugar. Fragrance Oil (dried rosehip and eco glitter - decoration only)