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Bath Tea + Salt Soak - Mahogany + Teakwood

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Our Salt Soaks are the perfect addition to any bath, especially when you need an extra boost of relaxation. Every jar contains real organic oats and dried flowers (calendula, rose, and corn flowers), a bit of silver shimmer, and is topped with an extra large Himalayan salt rock. Salts come in a large screw top jar and contains 8 oz of product. 

Scent - a refreshing blend with green notes, citrus, fruit, jasmine, rose and lily, and enhanced by sweet woody musky bottom notes. Great unisex scent!

How to Use - Sprinkle an ounce or 2 into your bath water and let the petals steep while you sit for a long soak. Drink plenty of water after use. Lightly rinse tub after use.

Ingredients - sodium bicarbonate, epsom salt, dendridic salt, large pink Himalayan sea salt, organic oats, dried flowers (calendula, rose, and corn flowers), fragrance oil, biodegradable glitter