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How We Started

Hey there, Beauties! My name is Autumn and I'm the Lady Boss here at Southern Skye Beauty. I want to welcome you to my NEW website and I'm so excited you are here!

I started the adventure of owning my own business in November 2015 on a whim. My husband, a U.S Marine, was deployed to Afghanistan and I needed something to distract me. To help the time pass, I founded Southern Skye Beauty thinking it would be a fun hobby to make some extra cash on the side. I already had a full time job as a surgical technologist so I didn't really think I would have a lot of time to dedicate to this new craft. My job was SO demanding and if you have ever been in health care, you know exactly what I mean and can totally relate!

As the orders kept rolling in, I couldn't deny the urge to become my own boss anymore! Working in the operating room, while very exciting, wasn't fulfilling me. I really missed my family because I worked long and tireless hours so, I took a blind leap and quit my job to become a full time entrepreneur. I've never looked back!

I developed a strong following on Etsy with almost one thousand 5 star reviews. I truly take pride in what I do and I hope it shows! But as with all business, you must eventually branch out, so here I am! I have found my niche and truly love that I can be as creative a I want to be without all the stress that the OR offers! I enjoy making new products, playing with bright colors, and adding a bit of magic to all of my products! 

Happy shopping and thank you for your interest in Southern Skye Beauty!




Owner, Southern Skye Beauty