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Wax Melt - Oh, Holo There! Breakaway Bar - Choose Your Scent

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Oh, Holo there! If you love the ease of wax melts AND holographic shimmer, these bars will be right up your alley! Break away the amount of wax you wish to use and smell all the yummy custom scent blends we have to offer! All scents in this collection are cheery, uplifting, and fun! 


Sunny Side - yellow bar with citrusy notes of grapefruit, lemon and mangosteen fruit (Phthalate Free)

Watermelon Punch - pink bar scented with sour watermelon candy, blue sugar, warm vanilla (Phthalate Free)

Sugared Lime - mint green bar scented with tart key limes and sweet cotton candy (Phthalate Free)

Staycation - blue bar scented with blue agave, prickly pear cactus, and sea salt (Phthalate Free)

Dancing at Dusk - orange bar scented with orange sherbet, shaved coconut, creamy vanilla milk

Twinkle Toes - purple bar scented with flirtatious florals, crisp apple, and blush suede (Phthalate Free)


These wax melts are a soy blend, or "para-soy" meaning they are made with a blend of paraffin and soy waxes. This particular blend offers the very best of both waxes - excellent hot throw and the creamy, smooth texture of soy. 

Your wax bar will be packaged in clear biodegradable shrink wrap. Each bar averages between 2.8 - 3 ounces. Please allow for these slight variations in weight due to being hand poured in small batches.

***Please note that some scents are stronger than others. Scent strength is personal & subjective but, I always use the same percentage/ concentration of fragrance for every batch of wax. These bars are designed to break apart to allow for ease in choosing the amount of wax you wish to use in your warmer. I always do my best to ensure your order arrives safely, but these bars may break during shipping. Please keep this in mind when ordering.