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Wax Brittle - Choose Your Scent

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These Wax Brittles are the newest item to hit the shop! Loaded with shimmer and color as well as fragrance added to maximum capacity for lovely fragrance throw. 


Night Swimming - black and teal brittle topped with eco friendly glitter shaped like stars and moons. Scented in BBW dupe called Beach Please - light, fresh scent with notes of tropical gardenia, Hawaiian hibiscus and bright citrus.

Warm Bed Sheets - blue and white brittle topped with eco friendly glitter. The scent is like you just pulled clean beds sheets out of the dryer, all snuggly warm. 

Avo Bath - LUSH dupe with notes of lemongrass, clove, citrus, lavender  and musk


These wax melts are a soy blend, or "para-soy" meaning they are made with a blend of paraffin and soy waxes. This particular blend offers the very best of both waxes - excellent hot throw and the creamy, smooth texture of soy. 

Your wax will be packaged in a cute holographic zipper style bag. Each bag averages 3 ounces of product. Please allow for slight variations in weight.

***Please note that some scents are stronger than others. Scent strength is personal & subjective but, I always use the same percentage/ concentration of fragrance for every batch of wax.