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Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Cubes

Regular price $6.00

These convenient little sugar scrub cubes contain a rich and creamy goat's milk soap, moisturizing grape seed oil, pure cane sugar, and any quality Essential Oil of your choice! Simply choose from the drop down. Cubes will come in a plastic jar with a screw top lid to seal in the freshness- everything I make is handmade when you order. You will receive about 16 cubes equaling about 4 ounces worth of product. Cubes may slightly vary in size due to making in small batches and hand cutting each order. 

How to use- Take a cube, get it wet, crumble in your hands, then scrub all that dead skin away! Rinse any remaining product. I do not recommend using this for the face or areas that have open cuts or sores.

Avoid introducing water into the jar, as this will shorten the life of your scrub. For best results, keep the jar in a cool dry place and take only the cubes you need into the shower.

***The essential oil you choose may color the product differently than what is pictured.***